Alison & Alex & Nelly (dog)

Alison & Alex & Nelly (dog)

Our website is “Giteswithapool” plural, as over the years we have run a number of properties. At one stage 6 gites accmmodating up to 38 guests.

We have been gradually been reducing the number of properties so that now we only have 1 Gite which is adjacent to our home.

We live discreetly on site in the adjoining farmhouse with our dog Nelly. Being on site means we can provide help with finding/booking restaurants, canoeing, markets etc if you want it, or be discreet & just ensure the pool and gardens are maintained to a high standard. We do not use the pool or hot tub. Our guests comments speak for themselves.

Nelly is head of guest relations & gets more comments than we do. We’ve had many guests return because the children want to see Nelly. 

Sorry, because of Nelly, we don’t accept pets.