Heated Swimming Pool (retractable cover) & Hot tub

Quality heated and covered pool. The pool cover may be used when covered, so indoor swimming in cooler weather or with the cover completely retracted / open.

The cover conforms with all French pool security regulations, its the guests responsibility to ensure it is closed when not in use.

Your safety remains your own responsibility and children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

4/5 seater hottub / jacuzzi

Our pool is a traditional chlorinated pool, checked & maintained daily, to ensure bather comfort.

Please be aware that salt water swimming pools also contain chlorine, some people claim, that their salt systems are chlorine free, this is untrue. A well managed traditional chlorinated pool is no more or less "harsh" than a salt system swimming pool.

All pool maintenance is undertaken by Alex and Alison. You're on holiday - there's nothing for you to do unless you really want to.